How to boost your 3D printing education? - Part 1

Scientist studies to work in the 3D printing industry - Research in materials and process

Scientist studies to work in the 3D printing industry - Research in materials and process

Today, 35% of Engineering jobs require a 3D printing education background and this figure increases each year. However, recruiters have some issues to find the right person with the right skills. The main reason is that often engineering schools do not have enough specialised 3D printing courses.

So how can you prepare yourself to have adapted skills for these job opportunities ? It’s what we tried to figure out by gathering together 52 engineering schools focusing on 3D printing education.

For scientists and engineers willing to work with 3D printing materials and process, we’ve categorized the best 3D printing programs in the world by geographical location. Inside this PDF, you’ll find:

  • our methodology to sort out the best 3D printing education you can find out there
  • some definitions to gain a rapid understanding of the different programs
  • the best 3D printing courses in Europe and in the US

All around the world, these universities have renowned research groups, who are pushing the 3D printing materials and process even further. We picked a selection of the ones offering a high quality 3D printing education and classified them accordingly to a geographical criteria. Whether you want to study in Europe or North America, you will be able to have an overview of the local research in 3D printing of the universities.

Passionated about 3D printing but not into Engineering studies? Don’t worry. This Ebook is just the first one of a larger series about the best way to achieve a solid 3D printing education. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing new ones about the Software studies to work in the 3D printing industry followed by our Design studies and Business studies to work in a 3D printing business !