Frequently asked questions on 3D printing and rapid prototyping

    Uploading a 3D design

  1. How can I easily convert a 3D file to a format supported by your website?
  2. When I upload a 3D model to the site, textures and colours are sometimes missing: how can I make them appear?
  3. Why do some designs require fixing before they can be made?
  4. What formats are accepted in the zip file for the textures?
  5. My file is in .obj format: how can I make colours and textures appear?
  6. How can I export a 3D file from Autocad 2010?
  7. What is the maximum file size of a 3D file upload to
  8. How can I be sure that my 3D models are confidential and visible only by myself on
  9. Where can I get 3D files already designed?
  10. Who owns the intellectual property rights of my design once I upload it?

    3D technology

  1. What is 3D printing?
  2. What software should I use if I’m a beginner in 3D design?
  3. Can I create coloured objects?
  4. What machines do you use to create 3D objects?
  5. What is the maximum size of a 3D print?
  6. What are the materials used to print my 3D designs?
  7. How thick are the layers of material in 3D printers?
  8. How thick does my object have to be in order to be strong enough?
  9. How can I design an articulated model? What gap should I leave for my articulated models?
  10. What is the level of detail of objects produced?
  11. Which are the technical properties of the materials?
  12. What is WebGL? How to enable WebGL?
  13. How does a full color 3D printer work? Video demo.

    Gallery of 3D designs

  1. What are the possibilities offered by the Sculpteo’s 3D viewer?

    Ordering a 3D object

  1. Can I customise the parameters of my 3D design before ordering?
  2. How is your price calculated?
  3. What forms of payment do you accept?


  1. What are your shipping methods?
  2. Do you ship world-wide?
  3. What is the delivery time once I have placed my order on your website?


  1. Can I paint my objects if I order them in white?
  2. Are the materials you use suitable for engraving or tapping?


  1. How can I contact you if I can’t find the help I need on your website?

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