3D Printing Finish: Painting

Pièce technique peinte Accueil peinture Venus de Milo et robot teintés Coque de téléphone originale peinte
Pièce technique peinte - petit Accueil peinture - petit Venus de Milo et robot teintés - petit Coque de téléphone originale peinte - petit

Mouse Grey
Metal Grey

General information


Painting is exclusively available for white plastic and cannot be applied to interlocking parts. The painting process gives a color to the material in any of the available paints with specific RAL. The colors are spread on the material using a spray gun, allowing a uniform and smooth surface while maintaining every detail of the printed object: the paint layer only adds 200 microns of thickness on average.

Unlike dye, paint is very durable and retains the same shade without losing intensity. Since we use a cellulose paint, there is no risk once it dries of staining clothing or your skin. It is therefore suitable for all uses. However, when in contact with some solvents, paint may degrade. Similarly, if the painted piece is striped, rubbed or scratched, the paint may wear or clear, so it is advisable not to use this finish for mechanical parts but for prototypes and exhibits. Finally, complex parts may not be painted in the most inaccessible areas, although our operators make every effort to achieve a uniform result over the entire surface of the part.


The RAL references of the different colors are the following:

Color Reference
Black RAL9005
Mouse Grey RAL7005
White RAL9010
Yellow RAL1018
Red RAL3020
Blue RAL5005
Green RAL6026
Purple RAL4006
Orange RAL2009
Pink RAL4003
Beige RAL8024
Metal Grey RAL9006
Gold 231 polychrome
Silver PB390 50 PB630 50 Alu 42024


For every color, we offer two different finishes:

  • Matte : the surface is cleaned and keeps a matte appearance.
  • Glossy : your object is coated with a varnish to give it a shiny appearance.


Technical specificities

The maximum size of your models are limited by the physical size of our 3D printers - if it doesn’t fit, it can’t be used. If you wish to have a painted object bigger than the maximum size, do not hesitate to contact us .

Maximum size painting 300 x 220 x 200 mm
x+y+z ≤ 540 mm

Minimum size painting 15 x 15 x 15 mm

There is no minimum size for polyamide prints as long as you follow the design guidelines of the material.

Delivery time

The painting process adds two additional business days to the turnaround time on your parts, varnishing to have the " Glossy " finish adds another additional day . This means:

  • Express Production: not available.
  • Standard production: minimum 4-5 business days, 5-6 business days with the " Glossy " finish.
  • Economy Production: the delivery time is not guaranteed. Your object is delivered on average within ten days for plastic.

For more information, you can take a look at our plastic material ressource page or our page on all the available finishes .