A New Software Suite for Metal 3D Printing: Agile Metal Technology



Agile Metal Technology is a revolutionary software suite that helps designers, mechanical engineers, and manufacturers to get their metal Additive Manufacturing projects on track. Still today, metal 3D printing is considered time-consuming and costly.  Sculpteo aims at changing that by launching an entire software suite dedicated to tackling every issue of metal 3D printing.

Agile Metal Technology is that game-changer. It includes a total of six tools to analyze and fix problems, automate complex modeling procedures, find 'best fit' processes and techniques, offer predictions and recommendations about how to optimize design elements including lattices, supports, and post-processing workflows. 

Throughout 2018, Sculpteo will be releasing the different tools below to gain time and efficiency when it comes to metal 3D printing. The very first one of those tools is Business case, which is already available.

Six tools dedicated to Metal 3D Printing

Business Case

Business Case.jpg

Business Case is the first tool of the suite. It is a self-learning AI that evaluates whether a CAD file is optimized for metal additive manufacturing, helps evaluate appropriate materials, and delivers an approach for cost and time budget for metal AM. Business Case is a decision support and planning tool that takes basic inputs from the user and provides an evaluation of whether AM is an appropriate process for producing the part, and of the possible risks that will follow. It offers an actionable report, for free.

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Smart Design Optimizer

Smart Design Optimizer.jpg

Smart Design Optimizer provides a deeper analysis of the design compatibility for metal AM and assesses the best way to handle thermic constraints. Thanks to a Thermal Behavior Simulation, the tool mimics the thermal constraints that will be applied to the part during its production. It aims at providing the best way to orientate the part to reduce thermal stress and increase manufacturability. Design Optimizer also detects problematic features in the design, suggests modifications and evaluates the best printing orientation for the part.

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Automatic Lattice Generator

Automatic Lattice Gneration.jpg

Automatic Lattice Generator evaluates the force that will be applied to each part of your finished object and gives structural recommendations accordingly. It helps meet cost and weight reduction goals by recommending the best structural configuration while allowing the user to choose a preferred lattice cell design.

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Support Generator

Support Generator.jpg

Interactive Support Optimizer analyses your design, and recommends the best way to arrange the supports necessary to meet the requirement of the part (tolerance, yield assessment, thermic release). Expert users will be able to add inputs and restrictions based on the support generated by the Agile Metal Technology platform.

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Post Process Strategy.jpg

Post-Processor analyzes the post-processing features needed to finalize the part as well as the required metrology to meet the project requirements. It evaluates how polishing, grinding, drilling, milling and threading can be applied and calculates a timeline and a budget for those.

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Batch Control for Metal

Batch Control.jpg

Batch Control for Metal is a replica of the Sculpteo Batch Control tool for polymers 3D printing technologies. It gives you virtual control over the machine so that you can create production batches exactly how you see fit and enjoy the printing parameters that you know are working for your part.

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