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Sculpteo’s online 3D printing service has been created in 2009 by Eric Carreel and Clément Moreau and quickly became one of the leaders of 3D printing. In 2019 BASF 3D Printing Solutions, a subsidiary of BASF New Business GmbH, acquired Sculpteo, offering to customers the possibility to innovate thanks to new materials and technologies, meeting the requirements of the most demanding industries.



10 Rue Auguste Perret

94800 Villejuif


Tel : +33 1 83 64 11 22

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Sculpteo Inc. c/o The Port Workspaces

344 20th Street STE 209

Oakland, CA 94612

Tel : 1-800-814-1270


Offering new manufacturing opportunities

Additive manufacturing has become more than an efficient prototyping technique: it is now a real manufacturing tool for your series and finished products, helping companies to overcome the constraints of traditional manufacturing. 

Sculpteo offers an intuitive online platform to optimize and analyze your 3D models. Your quote is automatically generated and your parts will be sent to production in just a few clicks.

Helping businesses to innovate and grow

Sculpteo offers a wide selection of high-performance materials developed by BASF and dedicated to demanding applications. From automotive to consumer goods, including robotics or medical. Sculpteo provides adapted manufacturing tools and support to all businesses, helping them to reach the next level.   



The website at www.sculpteo.com is published by Sculpteo :

10 Rue Auguste Perret, 94800 Villejuif, France 
Siret 514 971 654 00041 
RCS Créteil 
SAS with a registered capital of 2 750 184.00 euros 

Web hosting: 
2 rue Kellermann 
59100 Roubaix 

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