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Why should you choose an online 3D printing service for your production?

An online 3D printing service gives you the flexibility and scalability of production without investing in 3D printers. Enjoy a wide range of materials and technologies for your 3D designs; with just a few clicks your design is ready to be produced in our professional 3D printers and shipped to your door. Discover our materials


Plastic 3D Printing

From PEBA to Multijet Fusion PA12, thanks to our professional 3D printers you will be able to give life to an amazing project. For the medical sector, to fashion and architecture, plastic 3D printing provides quality and strong parts.

Metal 3D Printing

Your jewelry or mechanical engineering projects become a reality with our selection of metal 3D printing materials and technologies. Discover Binder Jetting, SLM/DMLS, and wax casting for your project.


Resin 3D Printing

Resin 3D printing will gives you highly detailed parts with a variety of materials for different applications. With the DLS technology by Carbon,  you benefit from resistant materials such as Rigid Polyurethane, or even flexible ones like Flexible Polyurethane.

Finishing Processes

Discover all the finishing options to get the perfect finished product look. From polishing, to dyeing, painting, waterproofing, plating, or our UV resistant Color Touch and Color Resist processes. 


Discover On-Demand Manufacturing

Manufacture only the parts you need, when and where you need them. Reduce physical inventory and waste, order only what you require. With no minimum order quantity, order 1 – 10 000+ parts as required.

Why choose Sculpteo?


Professional Service

With 10 years of Additive Manufacturing experience we know how to produce reliable parts at scale.

75+ Material & Finishes

Find the material and finish to suit your needs from mechanical parts to end-use consumer goods.


Analysis Tools

Analyze and repair your 3D file automatically using our exclusive online tools.

What do our customers have to say about us?

Discover the companies that use Sculpteo's online 3D printing service to scale their production


Valoptim decided to offer 3D mock-ups to their customer when buying a new flat. This way, future owners get an accurate model of their home, in order to materialize the new flat they purchased.

3D Printed Eyewear with Netlooks


The eyewear industry is making the most of 3D printing and of our online 3D printing service. Indeed, combining handcraft and 3D technology is the perfect way for them to manufacture quality glasses.


Discover the company used additive manufacturing in order to improve its manufacturing process for its drones used to survey and protect forests.

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