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Workshops, conferences, expert counsel, and guidance to help you implement an additive manufacturing strategy in your business.

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 Get a better understanding of what additive manufacturing can do for you! In order to get started with 3D printing in the most relevant way, you will have to understand the advantages and specificities of this manufacturing technique. Here are three different points our 3D printing experts can help you with thanks to these consulting and training services:

Project identification

Let's find opportunities!

Let's talk about your production, your supply chain, your technical challenges and about your complex and expensive parts. Together, we will find where additive manufacturing is relevant for your business.

How to design for Additive Manufacturing

Start thinking additive!

Why does additive manufacturing require a different design process? And how thinking additive will become a real asset for your business?

From prototyping to production

New assets for your production!

If additive manufacturing is known to create great prototypes, this technology is now becoming a real asset for production. What technologies and materials will become your ally for serial production.

Meet the team!

Sculpteo’s experienced team is able to support any industry in their adoption of 3D printing. Explore how to make the most of 3D printing for some of the most common applications.

Head of Sculpteo Studio
Manon Le Moal-Joubel

Manon followed her industrial design studies with a specialization in industrial engineering. These two experiences are pushing her to look for the best technical solutions for the most demanding applications. Manon loves challenges and unusual projects such as complex assemblies and oversized parts.

Design Engineer for Additive Manufacturing
Eudes Pacreau

Eudes is a general engineer by training, specialized in mechanical design. Passionate about industrialization problems and equipped with a base of advanced technical knowledge (such as the resistance of materials), Eudes is delighted to imagine clever solutions thanks to the freedom of additive manufacturing, solving the most complex problems.

Application Engineer
Noémie Vennin

Noémie is passionate about additive manufacturing. She has an expertise in materials and process with 4 years of research in additive manufacturing. After her studies at the Mines de Nancy, she worked at INRIA in the MFX team specialising in computer graphics for additive manufacturing, then at the CNRS in the Jean Lamour Institute, a materials research center with the MPA materials and additive processes team.  At Sculpteo, she accompanies clients in the development of new applications.

Materials Engineer
Rémi Daniaud

Rémi is a materials engineer with a specialisation in additive manufacturing. He has worked in the aeronautics and automotive industries, and also has a background in research. Rémi enjoys developing innovative concepts to meet complex needs. Thanks to the freedom offered by additive manufacturing, he can conceive tooling with high added value.

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