Rapid Prototyping Services

From concept model to functionnal assembly, Sculpteo 3D prints your prototype in 3 days.

Why do you need Sculpteo 3D Printing Services to create your prototype

4 reasons to reconsider your rapid prototyping strategy

Experience Freedom of Design.
3D Printing gives you access to geometries that were impossible with other manufacturing technologies (interlocking parts, complex assembly). Sculpteo Rapid Prototyping 3D Printing service is fast and reliable.
With 20+ file format accepted and fully on-line experience, you can focus on your schedule and your design.

Thanks to our fast turn-around, you get the exact product of your imagination in your hands in just a few days, giving you the possibility to iterate.
Create functional parts
3D Printing materials such as polyamide, alumide and metal suit well for mechanical and functional parts. Tearing, assembly or stress tests become easy to implement and affordable.

Thanks to a complete selection of professional-grade 3D-printers Sculpteo Rapid Prototyping Service can produce 3D objects in various dimensions, from as thin as 0.8mm to as big as 70 cm. You can also choose the layer thickness in our interface depending the quality you are looking for.

For the next steps of your product development, Sculpteo Batch 3D Printing Service enables you to produce pre-series or even first series at a reasonable cost.
Speed up your product development.

3D Softwares are used to design and develop any product you can think of. 3D Printing is the shortest way between your 3D file and getting your object in your hands.

And that's a crucial part of your product development. The good news is that you can make it fast and at an affordable price with Sculpteo Rapid Prototying Service.

Are you ready to save weeks on your product schedule?

Think outside of the box.
Traditional manufacturing processes dictate how to build a shape - 3D Printing technology doesn't. Forget about draught, drafts or stripping... and make sure how your product will meet your customer needs before thinking how to mass-produce it.

3D Printing enables also to make a different product for each of your customers: mass-customization & on-demand production are new markets that you can consider with 3D Printing.

Some Sculpteo customers have chosen 3D Printing for production because of our quality obsession and our consistency from 1 unit to 10,000+

Sculpteo Exclusive Online Features

Control your quality, your lead time and your price while benefiting from superior 3D tools

50+ Materials

"Plastic, Alumide, Metals, Resins are available with tens of finishing options on our professional-grade 3D printers

Instant quote

No need to wait hours to get your quote, our price and turnaround will automatically be provided

Mass production starting at 1

Our clients fabricate thousands of objects without investing in a single industrial tool. Quality is guaranteed from 1 to 10,000 parts.

Superior 3D analysis tools

Upload your file in any of 26 file format. We'll automatically repair any issue on your 3D file and give you feedback in seconds

Economy Plan

Turnaround time options, shipping plans, quantity, file optimization ... there's many options to help you to get the good price

Control our 3D Printers

Choose online the material and the resolution of your 3D prints, and even choose the orientation when you order batches. You're the boss!

Rapid Prototyping Case Studies

Discover how 3D Printing make the difference for our clients

Save time on your next prototype!

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Sculpteo proven expertise in rapid prototyping will help you to create awesome prototypes from concept model to advanced functional assembly and interlocking parts.