Rapid Prototyping

If you are working on a new product or refining an existing one, rapid prototyping is ideal to test, iterate and adjust your concept. This is a way to speed up your designing process and bring your ideas and product to market faster.

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Benefit from the flexibility of Additive Manufacturing for your prototyping process! ​

3D Printing is the shortest path between your ideas and a functional prototype in your hands. 3D printing can be a strong ally at the early stages of your product development.
Prototype and iterate with Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), or Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technologies.

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Koovea is a startup based in Montpellier, south of France, specializing in connected temperature monitoring for the logistics of temperature-sensitive products. Their challenges? Develop rapidly a sensor resistant to extreme temperatures and respond to their client’s needs faster by offering customized versions of their products.


Materials Adapted To Prototyping

Benefit from an extensive catalog of 3D printing technologies, from Stereolithography to Selective Laser Sintering and HP Multi Jet Fusion. Using our online 3D printing service, you will access cost-effective and accurate 3D printing materials to give life to your proofs of concept and functional prototypes. Powder-based or resin options are available for your RP process.

Reasons to use 3D printing for rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping with 3D printing will help you bring your project to the next level in no time, bringing your ideas to reality efficiently and reliably. Benefit from the rapid prototyping tools offered by additive manufacturing:

  • Speed

It can take months to create a prototype using traditional manufacturing techniques, which is quickly becoming expensive for your business. With rapid prototyping and 3D printing, it only takes days, which is a saving you time and money in the long run.

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  • Flexibility

Since you’re not committing to a large-scale production run, you can make changes and iterations easily. Flexibility is an incredible advantage when working on complex and innovative products requiring testing.

  • Testing

Creating a physical model allows getting a better sense of your product, how it will look and how it will function. This is a way to get the feedback needed about your product. Making high-fidelity prototypes is a crucial step to making adjustments or improvements and making the perfect product meeting your needs and requirements.

  • Cost-effectiveness

By catching mistakes early, and iterating in a reactive way, you will speed up the process and save money. Rapid prototyping with additive manufacturing is a cost-effective way to prototype your ideas.

Start your rapid prototyping process today with Sculpteo

Choose a prototyping partner with short lead times and experienced advice using our innovation-oriented point of view. Sculpteo is dedicated to helping you succeed and using additive manufacturing in a way adapted to your business's needs.

With 10+ years of expertise in additive manufacturing for production and prototyping, Sculpteo also offers rigorous quality control. With our online 3D printing service and our advanced platform, you get professional 3D printing at your fingertips. Create a free account, upload your 3D files, select your material, technology, and post-processing options, and order online.

We'll take care of the rest in our industrial ISO 9001 factory.

Stop wasting time, start your rapid prototyping process now

Prototypes are an essential step in your product development. Before a more costly step of production, you need to evaluate the design and functionality of your product. An excellent rapid prototyping technique is just what you need! Rapid prototyping allows engineers and designers to manufacture and test their products faster and iterate as much as necessary. Whether to create a scale model of a physical part to validate the shape or its visual aspect, try out an assembly, or build functional features and test them, rapid prototyping will help you achieve your goals in time. Some game-changing technologies, such as additive manufacturing, allows you to create your high-fidelity prototypes,
concept models and functional prototypes with an excellent surface finish. Additive manufacturing technology can become your true ally, for all kinds of applications with advanced technologies such as SLS, MJF, Binder Jetting, Polyjet and other technologies. Get rid of the disadvantages of manufacturing technologies such as CNC machining and benefit from the flexibility you deserve to grow your projects.

Additive manufacturing can boost your company, not only thanks to rapid prototyping. Discover how you could benefit from a more scalable, flexible, and resilient manufacturing process for prototyping and production.

3D printing prototypes

3D printing prototypes: what are the advantages? Discover how 3D printing can help you develop advanced prototypes thanks to a large variety of materials.

What are the advantages of rapid prototyping?

Rapid prototyping reduces design and time development, which leads to a reduction in product development costs. This is also offering more room for iteration and testing. Rapid prototyping has a beneficial impact on your overall manufacturing process. 

    Is rapid prototyping the same as 3D printing?

    Rapid prototyping is allowed by manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing. Rapid prototyping is the technique to create a prototype model from a 3D model. We can say that additive manufacturing is the process, and rapid prototyping is the end result.

    Where is rapid prototyping used?

    Rapid prototyping can be used by everyone, and by every kind of industry. Moreover, rapid prototyping can be used at any stage of the product development cycle for any product.