Stereolithography Technology

Discover the Stereolithography 3D printing technology and how you can use it for your rapid prototyping process.

What is Stereolithography 3D printing technology?

Stereolithography (or SLA) is one of the oldest 3D printing techniques ever developed. This technology is used to 3D print resin, using a photochemical process.

 This SLA 3D printing process uses a vat of liquid photopolymers resin that can be cured. The build plate moves down in small increments and the liquid polymer is exposed to light where the UV laser draws a cross-section layer by layer. The process repeats until a model is created. The object is 3D printed by pulling the object out of the resin (bottom-up) which creates space for the uncured resin at the bottom of the container and can then form the next layer of the object.

Why choose Stereolithography 3D printing technology?

Stereolithography offers a lot of advantages, it can help you rapidly prototype, or develop your whole final product. 

SLA parts have a really smooth surface finish, which is particularly adapted if you need a realistic prototype with high quality and detailed features, quite similar to injection molding parts. 

High level of details

SLA 3D printing offers the opportunity to get highly detailed prototypes


Various applications

From automotive to consumer products, Stereolithography technology offers you a lot of possiblities for your prototypes

Design freedom

Design-driven manufacturing allows you to produce complex geometries

On-demand Stereolithography 3D Printing Service

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Which applications are best suited to Stereolithography 3D Printing?

SLA (Stereolithography) Prototyping resin is perfectly suited to the production of aesthetic rapid-prototypes. The finished product has a smooth, matte surface finishSLA resin allows you to achieve a finished product look for your prototype. This SLA 3D printing technology is best suited to small/medium pieces with an elevated level of details.

Stereolithography 3D Printing Materials

Here are your 3D printing materials options if you want to 3D print using Stereolithography: