3D Printing Price & Delivery times

Find all the information you’ll need regarding 3D printing pricing and production delays.

How are prices calculated ?

The price of your 3D print is automatically calculated the moment you upload your 3D file to our site. The quotation is adjusted in real time as you adjust the quantity, material, technology, finishing option, and production delay. To see the price of your 3D print in just a couple clicks, simply upload your 3D file.

What are the different factors taken into account to calculate the price of your 3D printing orders?

Material volume

The price of your order will be determined by the amount of material needed to 3D print your object. With some 3D printing technologies your 3D model will need supports to be printed.


The amount of space taken by your object inside the 3D printers will impact the price. In most cases, bigger parts are more expensive.

Number of parts

The number of parts that need to be treated individually during production. You can take advantage of our automatically calculated volume discounts for your 3D prints


This part of the price is taking into account production costs including labor. Quality control of the parts, maintenance of the machines as well as all supporting services required to 3D print your object all factor into the overall cost of the part.

Production leadtime: What are your options ?

Sculpteo offers 3 production modes to suit your needs. Consider how urgently you need your parts and your overall budget when selecting your production mode.


Available for: PA 12 SLS & MJF. Lead time: +/- 15 days

Up to 30% less expensive

Only available if the price difference is significant compared to the standard mode. Production mode only available for a unit price 10e minimum.


Available for: All materials Lead time: 2 to 15 days

Standard price

Standard pricing and delivery times


Available for: PA 12 SLS, Prototyping resin SLA Lead time: 2 days

Up to 50% more expensive than standard mode

Maximum object size (SLS): 290x290x290 mm

Ready to make your 3D model a reality?

Upload your 3D file, select the materials and finishing options, and let our professional 3D printing service handle the rest. Your parts are delivered to your door in a matter of days. Get your 3D printed parts today.