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Insert Placing is a new service that Sculpteo is offering as a finishing option. 

If you are producing items like cases, you might need to place inserts and screws, in order to close your cases. With this new finishing option, you can now have Sculpteo do it for you, instead of dedicating time and ressources to placing theses inserts yourselves!

This means that when you receive your parts, they will be ready to be mounted directly, letting you save time and energy during the process.

This service is suited to all the parts printed using the following technologies: 

  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)
  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)


The process of inserts placement is pretty straightforward: just contact our expert team to determine the right type of inserts for your parts!

Once your parts are ready, we will simply place the requested inserts on site, before sending the parts to you.

Delivery Time

Depending on the number of parts you are ordering, inserts placement might add up to 5 days to the production time of your parts.

    image dimensions inserts

    Insert typeA Short type (mm)A Long type (mm)P Ø guide (mm)L (Length) Short (mm)L (Length) Long (mm)D Ø recommanded bore (mm)
    M2 x 0,43,583,633,123,183,993,3
    M2,5 x 0,454,624,753,913,56x4,1
    M3 x 0,54,624,753,913,565,744,1
    M4 x 0,76,256,385,544,7x5,7
    M5 x 0,87,047,166,326,35x6,5
    M6 x 1,08,648,767,927,92x8,1

    It is also possible to use other types of inserts for your parts, in different sizes and formats.

    Please contact us to discuss your requirements!

    Logement insert

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