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What are the 6 manufacturing mistakes to avoid?


While starting a business and building a business strategy, there are a few mistakes to avoid. No matter what kind of business you are running, you need to start in the best conditions to avoid all possible problems that could slow down your company. You will necessarily make some mistakes, but you don’t have to learn things the hard way.

Today we are going to give you some advice regarding some common manufacturing mistakes. What should be your priorities? How can you find the best manufacturing partner for your products?

1. Sacrificing flexibility

Starting a new project or new business also means that you will have to try new things, test them, refine, and adjust your solutions progressively. You need flexibility, it has to be part of your strategy. While starting to prototype, you have to get an efficient way to work on your products and test them. Find the manufacturing technique that will suit you.

For example, using a manufacturing technique such as 3D printing is a way to enjoy great flexibility during the development of your proof of concepts and prototypes. You can easily print your object, modify it using the 3D modeling software of your choice, and print it again to make new tests. Even when you will have to produce, you can order the exact amount of parts you need, and when you need them. Your needs will determine the manufacturer you will choose.

2. Not taking time to look for the right price

When you are looking for a supplier, a manufacturer, the price is obviously an important factor to take into account. Not only for you but also for your own customers. You will necessarily have to sell good quality products at a fair price, to gain the customer’s satisfaction but also maintain margins to ensure profitability. All of this will start with your manufacturer’s choice. 

Take the time to choose the right manufacturer, offering a good price and good quality, don’t rush by choosing your first or the cheapest options! Getting the first pricing option is always attractive. Don’t hesitate, request quotations, samples, etc. in order to have a better idea of what they are offering concretely. Find a price allowing you to get a good margin while still being sure to satisfy your customer.

3. Bypassing supply-chain optimization

Supply chain management is the key. Optimizing your supply chain will be a huge advantage for your company, it will benefit your whole workflow. Everything has to be clear from the beginning, from your first CAD drawing to the final product in the hands of your customer. Neglecting this whole process, or just a part of this process, could have dramatic consequences for your company.

The choice of your manufacturing technique will also determine the global organization of your supply-chain. Do you need to stock your products or would it be better for you to try to develop a digital inventory? 

Once again, at this stage, if you are working with a manufacturer, you will have to be able to communicate with them easily so the collaboration can be as efficient as possible. If you trust your manufacturer’s work, you will get the parts you need, without having to return these parts. It will be the same for your customers. If they are satisfied with your parts and objects, they will not return them. If you avoid all of these problematic situations, you will save time, but also a lot of money!

4. Ignoring differences between materials

Choosing good materials for your production is actually one of the most important things you have to do. Try to consider other manufacturing techniques, you might have some wonderful surprises. By getting samples from different manufacturers and asking questions, you will find the perfect material for your project. Indeed, just choosing the cheapest plastic you will find won’t be the solution. Using a material you picked randomly will never work.

You have to find a manufacturer offering materials with mechanical properties fitting your project’s needs. Do you need your part to be flexible, resistant to heat, to water, to stress? Mechanical engineering projects won’t require the exact same materials as jewelry projects. Check out material catalogs and select the materials adapted to your applications. New materials and solutions are developed all the time: trust innovation and try new things.

5. Not taking time to build a relationship with your manufacturer

Your relationship with your manufacturer will be important, consider your manufacturer as your partner. You will have to find someone reliable, that you can trust to deliver your products on time and that will help you to establish your business as a reference. 


You have to feel totally confident about your production process, otherwise, you will not be confident with your own products. Dealing with the right person, the right team, and the right factory will help you save time, energy, credibility and money. To sum it up: you will improve your own business. 

6. Not being curious enough

Be curious and open to new technologies and other manufacturing techniques. Have you ever considered other options than traditional manufacturing? Did you know that 3D printing could help you to create amazing, advanced projects? Trying out new manufacturing solutions might help you to find opportunities and go through amazing challenges.

You can print 10 000 parts, but you can also only print one part if you need it. With 3D printing, there is no minimum order quantity. If it is known to be a great prototyping method, it is now more and more used for production. Thanks to a growing offer of 3D printing technologies and 3D printing materials, using 3D printing or several manufacturing techniques, could be a big competitive advantage for your company.

Do you want to give additive manufacturing a try? Sculpteo’s online 3D printing service is ready to partner with you on your next project. Our 3D printing experts will be happy to partner with your company and give life to your next projects. If you don’t have a 3D file already to upload on our website, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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