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3d printed part being cleaned

Discover the different 3D printing technologies on the market and find the best technology for your application.

chemical recycling in 3d printing

Chemical Recycling: Transforming Plastic Waste

Discover the importance of chemical recycling in transforming plastic waste, especially for 3D printing with thermoset resins. Learn about the differences between thermoplastics and thermosets and how chemical recycling technologies can help reduce landfill waste and support a circular economy.

fdm 3D printing

What is FDM 3D printing?

FDM is a widely popular and efficient 3D printing technique, it is also probably the method that comes to mind when someone mentions 3D printing.

Multi Jet Fusion

3D printing technology: MJF vs SLS

Are you looking for a plastic 3D printing technology? If you are considering MJF and SLS, let’s look more closely at their similarities and differences.

multicolor 3d printing

Color 3D Printing

Discover all you need to know about color 3D printing and pick the best technology for your production.

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