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AutoCAD vs Inventor: Battle of software (2022 update)


Are you a professional looking for the best CAD software for your next project? With our battle of software series, you should find one! Today, we will compare two of the greatest Autodesk products: AutoCAD and Inventor. What is the difference between AutoCAD and Inventor? Which one will suit your needs best for your 3D designing projects? Find out with our head to head comparison and then download your software!

AutoCAD: Overview

Autodesk AutoCAD is a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software. It’s a very powerful 2D and 3D program for engineers, architects and construction professionals. If you decide to start 3D modeling in AutoCAD, you will be able to produce highly precise and accurate models.

As mentioned above, AutoCAD is not only modeling software. You will also be able to create 2D sketches and documentation of your project. This program operates with meshes, surfaces, and solids, allowing you to choose the best method accordingly to your project. You will also have options to comment on your drawings with dimensions, leaders, tables, and text, which is essential to work in teams and with clients.

Additionally, AutoCAD works with both iOS and Windows. There is also a mobile and web version available to give you the ultimate design freedom and mobility.

Price: from $1 610/ year, free for students

AutoCAD: Tools

autocad https://www.mum.pl/produkt/autocad/

AutoCAD prides itself on having highly customized toolsets for various industries. Determined by your project, you will have a wide range of necessary options available. The tools are professional-grade and moreover, time-saving. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • AutoCAD Architecture: you will be able to create floor plans, elevations, sections, walls, doors, etc. You will also have access to 8 000+ intelligent architectural objects
  • AutoCAD Electrical: produce electrical drawings, panel layouts, schematic diagrams. Your drawings will be organized in a project-based structure and you will have a library of 65 000+ intelligent electrical symbols supporting many industry standards
  • AutoCAD Map 3D: thanks to this drawing environment you can create, communicate and maintain mapping and GIS data
  • AutoCAD Mechanical: 3D model parts, assemblies with personalized tools and automate mechanical engineering tasks. With this toolset, you will also have 700 000+ intelligent manufacturing parts, symbols, and features in the library
  • AutoCAD MEP: for accurate construction documentation and drawings for building systems
  • AutoCAD Plant 3D: design schematic diagrams, plant layouts. Generate and share isometrics, material reports and orthographic
  • AutoCAD Raster Design: turn your rasters into vectors, especially important if you have to produce editable documentation

Inventor: Overview

Autodesk Inventor is a CAD software dedicated to mechanical design, documentation and product simulations. The 3D modeling method is an engineering-grade blend of direct, freeform, parametric and rules-based tools. Inventor is also all about collaboration and you will be able to work with any other CAD software.

This CAD software will allow you to design rapid assembly reconfigurations, and use standard elements such as gears, cams, or bolted connections from Autodesk’s library. Inventor claims to shorten the lead time in engineering and design even by 20% thanks to its mechanical tools. It also allows for seamless teamwork thanks to cloud integration and live updates.

Autodesk Inventor is available for Windows only.

Price: from $1 985/ year, free for students

Inventor: Tools

inventor https://www.procad.pl/2019/04/mechanika/autodesk-inventor-2020-juz-jest-co-nowego-w-nowej-wersji/

Inventor will provide you with highly powerful tools for mechanical design. From the first sketches to full simulation, you can certainly develop your product with this CAD software. What exactly is offered? Here is a little technical overview.

Product design tools 

  • Parametric modeling: thanks to intuitive UI, you will be able to focus on the design
  • Shape Generator: create shapes with effective and time-saving tools
  • Drawing creation: prepare precise sketches and documentation in 2D
  • Assembly modeling: prepare your elements to fit perfectly together

Collaboration and Design Automation

  • Design automation for rapid assembly reconfigurations
  • Shared view collaboration online
  • Automated frame design to test structural frames
  • Ability to work with non-native data and file formats

3D modeling technology

  • Model-based definition to include manufacturing information
  • Sheet metal design tools
  • BIM interoperability allowing you to convert CAD models into BIM files
  • Library with standard components
  • Available 3D modeling methods: flexible modeling, freeform modeling, direct modeling
  • Design modes: tube and pipe design, plastic parts design, mechanical concept, and layout design
  • Component generators and calculations 
  • Simulation capabilities, visualization, rendering and stress analysis toolsets

Which is better, AutoCAD or Inventor?

AutoCAD and Inventor are both professional-grade and powerful modeling software from Autodesk. They will provide you with highly customized tools, however, for different projects. AutoCAD is great for architectural projects, mapping, and even whole construction design. It also allows you to work on mobile devices and in your browser. You will find toolsets dedicated to specific industries, as well as 2D design tools.

Inventor, on the other hand, will allow you to produce highly complex assemblies, but also prepare documentation for the projects. You will be able to build and analyze whole mechanical systems and run simulations and stress tests on them to assure the ultimate design solution.

The choice of software depends purely on your project and needs. Both AutoCAD and Inventor are powerful software, but with different modeling tools. Make sure you have a clear vision of your project and you know what your design needs are.

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