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Online 3D Modeling Software - The Ultimate Guide 2024


Would you like to learn or carry on the 3D modeling path without overloading your computer with heavy software? We propose you try online 3D modeling software. There are many options for beginners and teams of professionals working online. 

Start 3D modeling anywhere you want!

Why should you start using online 3D modeling software ?

What is 3D modeling software?

3D modeling uses software to create a mathematical representation of a three-dimensional object. 3D modeling software now appears to be helpful for many different projects, from education to more advanced applications such as mechanical engineering or architecture. 3D modeling is now a necessary tool.
Indeed, these 3D programs can take you through your rapid prototyping process, proof of concept, and whole production process. But you can also use it for rendering to show your project to a potential client or for simulation.

A 3D modeling software is also an excellent way to create your 3D model, an STL file. These files can then be used for 3D printing, becoming an opportunity to make the most of this game-changing technology that is additive manufacturing. To try out 3D printing, you don’t even need to invest in 3D printers, and you can use online 3D printing services such as Sculpteo to 3D print your parts in just a few clicks.

Online 3D modeling software: How does it work?

3D modeling software is a powerful tool and sometimes requires expensive and robust equipment. Using online 3D modeling software is an opportunity to use software without having to worry about your system: You need an internet connection to access this software from your web browser. But there is another good news, most of these online 3D modeling software is free, making them even more accessible to everyone willing to start using 3D modeling.
Working online is also a great advantage to work from anywhere. You won’t need one specific computer or access to work on your 3D project.

Best free online 3D modeling software

Online 3D modeling: Beginners level

If you’re starting your adventure with 3D modeling, don’t be scared, we all had to go through it. Creating 3D models can be a piece of cake! Check out our list of the best 3D modeling software for beginners. If you have any problems, you can always contact Sculpteo, and our 3D printing experts will assist you from there. Now, let’s talk about 3D design software for beginners.

Autodesk designed this online 3D modeling software, and it is one of the most popular. It is very intuitive and colorful. It is also well-known for its friendly User Interface and easy learning curve.

It works with drag-and-drop primitive shapes. It is not the most sophisticated tool but will be suitable for amateurs and professionals looking for a speedy way to design a simple object. TinkerCAD was created with 3D printing in mind, so exporting an STL file for 3D printing is not a problem.

You can also find some excellent TinkerCAD alternatives.


Do you know Minecraft? This is precisely how 3D Slash works! Discover the ability to add or remove blocks to build your 3D models! It’s that easy. This 3D modeling software is one of a kind.

It is a great choice for first-timers, and with practice, you will be able to achieve more complex models. 3D Slash is also connected to online 3D printing services available in desktop and browser versions.

Another exciting option is in the field of 3D modeling. You should especially pay attention if you know how to code. BlocksCAD is a friendly introduction to advanced programs such as OpenSCAD.

Here again, you also work with blocks, similar to LEGO bricks. You don’t have to write the code, and you use blocks to command what to do. When you think your code is ready, you render it to preview if the commands worked. This is an excellent way to start simple 3D modeling or get familiar with this type of software before learning OpenSCAD.

A straightforward online 3D program, its mission is to democratize 3D modeling and 3D animation access. That is why there are no expensive licenses, no downloads, just a sign-up process, and you are all set to begin your 3D modeling journey. 

The third Design focuses on the basics, and you can access free 3D models, and offer presets for your animations. This online program won’t necessarily be adapted if you need 3D files for 3D printing, but Third Design can be a great introduction to 3D modeling.

SculptGL takes an alternative take on 3D modeling, and instead of creating 3D models with mesh, it allows you to create characters from a basic shape. This online 3D modeling software was designed to help you bring to life animals or people.

This innovative approach is called 3D sculpting, and the main principles are the same as in traditional clay sculpting. In the virtual reality of your web browser, you will use sculpting tools. Different sizes of brushes will allow you to work from the biggest parts of the character, such as legs, arms, etc., to work your way down to the details.

Online 3D modeling software: Intermediate level

Maybe your workshop is a little rusty, or you’re just tired of laggy and heavy software that makes your computer sound like a tractor. You might want to consider online 3D modeling then, even though you already have some knowledge of 3D modeling. Let’s have a look at your options.

This online 3D modeling software is very well known in the industry thanks to the simplicity and many extensions for premium versions. It is especially used in the architecture field, but not only.

SketchUp has intuitive tools to produce accurate and precise 3D models. This CAD software has drawing layout functionality and many beautiful, photorealistic render options. 3D models can also be easily saved for 3D printing.

Although it’s free and online, this software is quite powerful. It provides you with tools for polygon modeling, texture mapping, UV mapping, and a V-Ray engine that will allow you to produce photorealistic renders.

Besides an impressive set of tools, Clara.io also allows for full collaboration. You can share your 3D models, and others can edit them with live updated changes. On top of all of that, this 3D design software can also create animations! Pretty neat.

Vectary is another popular 3D modeling software. It offers advanced tools such as parametric modeling, mesh editing thanks to sliders, and selections, which are usually only available in high-grade engineering software.

However, consider that Vectary is more for designers than mechanical engineers. It won’t produce exact 3D models, but you can still create very complex models. It is an exciting 3D program for 3D artists. It also allows for multiple people to work on a project.

SelfCAD is fully ready to 3D print online CAD software. It is user-friendly and easy to learn and will also provide you with more advanced tools to produce complex 3D models within your web browser.

Compared to Clara.io or SculptGL, SelfCAD, as the name suggests, is much more technical. You wouldn’t use it or make an animation or a video game character. It is a unique software for mechanical or industrial design applications. Your 3D models can even be prepared and sliced for 3D printing. SelfCAD gives you the full package to design and produce your parts, thanks to Additive Manufacturing.

Online 3D modeling software: Advanced level

If you’re working in a large team or as a freelance 3D designer, doing your project online might be especially interesting for you. There are a few options for professionals and engineers to use online 3D modeling software for their work.


Another high-grade CAD software. OnShape comes in different shapes: for your desktop, tablet, and smartphone, which allows you to be fully mobile and take your 3D project to any meeting or presentation.

It offers similar toolsets to Fusion 360. You design your models from sketches, using the different options to turn them from 2D into 3D objects. You can then run simulations and multi-part assembly tests to ensure they work together.

OnShape also allows you to use FeatureScripts, a new open-source programming language to create your customized CAD tools.


Fusion 360 is making its way up to many 3D modeling software rankings. This product from Autodesk has numerous design tools for CAD design. From industrial design to mechanical engineering, Fusion 360 will handle your project.

This 3D design software will allow you to prepare necessary documentation of the project, make technical sketches, design highly complex 3D models and even test them for the stress they will have to withstand. 

As you can see, Fusion 360 is the whole package. And obviously, it fully supports 3D printing by providing you with Autodesk 3D printing Studio, where you will be guided through the preparation of your 3D file. 

Which software do you choose?

As you can see, there are plenty of options for different skill levels. From first-timers to professional engineers, you can enjoy the freedom of working online with multiple people and accessing projects anywhere in the world. 

And once your 3D model is ready, you can easily 3D print it using an online 3D printing service. All you have to do is upload your file, and we will deliver it straight to your door! And in case of any questions, feel free to contact us.

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