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Choosing The Right 3D Printing Material

With new 3D printing materials on the market every day, it can be tricky to know which is the right one for your application. Discover our selection of articles to help you find the right 3D printing material for your project.

gears cogwheels

3D Printing Titanium

Titanium is a strong and durable material that can easily be 3D printed into robust and durable parts. Learn more about it in this article

Ultrafuse® 17-4 PH

3D Printing with Metals

It is possible to 3D print using a wide variety of materials. Among them, metals are becoming a serious options for many different industries.

What is PP

3D Printing with Polypropylene

With great rigidity, ductility, chemical resistance and media tightness, 3D printing with PP is an ideal choice for many industries.

TPU material

What is TPU?

TPU is an advanced flexible material. With its impressive properties, this 3D printing material could offer you various opportunities!

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