Chemical Smoothing 3D Printing Finish


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Chemical Smoothing Guide


This physicochemical reaction uses an exclusive process to create surfaces that look like they were injected.

After a long period of research, Sculpteo has developed a brand new patented process to smooth laser-sintered plastics. This unique process sets new standards for the production of high-quality 3D printed parts. This new offer is the best solution to get prototypes that look like the finished product and small series that truly have a high quality surface finish. This is the best quality you can get for your 3D printed parts.


Chemical Smoothing allows for a smoothed surface on plastic parts. Currently only offered on our white plastic material, this unique process enables a chemical reaction that creates a fully smoothed surface on your 3D printed polyamide parts.

Delivery Time

The Chemical Smoothing process adds three business days to the turnaround time on your white plastic parts. This means:

  • Express Production: not available
  • Standard production: minimum 7 business days
  • Economy Production: not available

The maximum dimensions are 450 x 250 x 200 mm.

The minimum dimensions are 15 x 15 x 0.5 mm. 

Hollowed objects can’t have this finish applied due to the excess of powder inside the object that can’t be removed correctly.

Due to the nature of this patented process, results may vary from one part to another. The physicochemical reaction can indeed introduce transformations to the parts such as minor geometrical changes or a loss of detail. Designs that include very intricate geometries, hollowed parts or sharp angles/edges can suffer appearance transformations

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