Analyze and export your 3D file for 3D printing from Fusion 360


1. Fusion 360 Models: Design a printable 3D file

It is possible to manage the import of different formats with Fusion 360. The most classic being .IGES and .STEP.

F360 2.1 1.jpg 

But it is also possible to import vector files like .dxf or .svg.

F360 2.1 2.jpg 

It is sometimes useful to import a vector file without having to redraw it. This is the case when a logo is inserted, for example. You can transform a .png into .svg using drawing software like illustrator or go through an online service.

As mentioned above, Fusion 360 operates on a T-Splines system, which allows you to easily save your modeling in various formats (the most commonly used are .STEP or .IGES). To do this, simply select one of these formats from the drop-down menu at the time of recording.

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Click on Export and then S ave under the desired format :

F360 2.1 4.jpg

For an export to 3D print your piece, there is a dedicated menu 3D Print. This allows you to convert your modeling into a .STL file, defined by a mesh of small triangles.

F360 2.1 5.jpg

This format, with a fairly wide range of settings.

  • Note that you must select the objects you want to export
  • Some files, due to their complexity or nature, will not be optimal candidates for a precise .STL export. They will generate for example very large files (more than 500MB)
  • Files with many curved / rounded parts, or large areas based on vectorized sketches with a large number of points ( text, graphics, etc.), will usually generate very large STL files: hence the importance to use star points if you use the workshop Sculpt
  • It will then be preferable to export them in a vector format such as IGES or STEP as mentioned previously. These file formats are, of course,supported on Sculpteo

The 3 YOUR MIND plug-in is free and downloadable on the Fusion 360 application platform.

3YOURMIND allows you to choose your 3D printing service in a single click, after modeling a printable volume, according to numerous criteria ( materials, mechanical characteristics …).

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The interface makes multiple online comparisons to calculate the cost of your piece, taking into account the manufacturer, materials required, time of delivering‌ 

You can choose Sculpteo as the online 3D printing service for your parts.

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